About Infinite30

About Infinite30

Why “Infinite30?”

The typical American weighs at least 30 pounds above their preferred weight for most of their adult life. 

Infinite30’s team of experienced successful weight loss professionals has developed an innovative 3-stage process. The Infinite30 organization is committed to helping our members lose weight, develop a life-changing permanent weight loss program that works specifically for them, and receive ongoing support and resources to enjoy a healthy life. Through our program, we aim to help your lose that weight and keep it off Infinitely

Our proven weight loss program is broken down into 3 stages


Lose Weight

Over the first month of our program, we focus on losing weight. With our careful supervision, members follow a strict, safe diet plan. Throughout the process, our members check in with us every day to monitor how they feel and receive expert advice. Over the course of the first month, our members have lost 10 pounds, 20 pounds or even more!


Learn How

With a strong foundation of weight loss to build on, we move to our critical Learning stage. Members work closely with our coaches. They learn about weight loss essentials and develop a permanent customized weight loss program that will work specifically for them in their every day routine. 


Live Well

Our team is committed to helping members achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off and feel great for years to come. With recipes, resources, advice and support from our engaged Infinite30 community, members get a full-range of tools to take full advantage of their healthy lifestyle.

Infinite30 is more than a weight loss plan.

The Infinite30 program is not just about losing weight … it’s about establishing a steadily improving state of great health and enjoying an amazing quality of life.  Our members consistently report lower levels of stress, dramatically increased energy, improved quality of sleep and a decrease in many symptoms of an unhealthy diet which affect their everyday life. Many members are even able to quit taking medications they previously depended on!

Learn how the Infinite30 plan can change your life. Fill out our online contact form, email us, or call 919- 263-1450.